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Savings come full circle...

We are the creators of the Green Asset Recovery service, which is a hybrid version of asset recovery and reverse logistics. It is the "recapturing of diverse transport packaging material at their points of destination for their planned, controlled, efficient and cost-effective return to their points of origin for reuse under a circular flow model."  This innovative service helps our customers to reduce their environmental trace and obtain exponential savings by using and reusing their transport packaging material.

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Across state and international borders...

Unlike most manufacturers of transport packaging material whose service area is limited to a specific region, our service area expands across state and international borders.  We deliver solutions to small, midsize and Fortune 500 companies located in the United States and Mexico.  In addition, our supplier base expands across the three NAFTA countries guaranteeing more than one alternative when it comes to raw material to manufacture our customers' products.

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Been there done that... 

We are specialists and we love what we do.  Our staff includes individuals with vast experience in wooden transport packaging manufacturing, logistics, import/export, quality assurance, transportation and other processes that are essential to creating a satisfying customer experience.  So, if you are looking for a small quantity of very sophisticated crates or large volumes of custom pallets, you have come to the right place.  We are specialists, and we deliver results. 

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